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Us. This simple two-letter word is an amalgamation of two entirely different sets of flesh and bones - me and you. It's our personal safe haven, free from boundaries and inhibitions, uninvaded by the singularities. It's the place where neither me nor you exist, it's just a solution of our souls. It's a virtual identity we hold on to, the intermingling of two entirely discrete lives, mine and yours. It's a short-lived dream, a momentary phase of boundless happiness, which notwithstanding, took no time to factorize yet again into its two contrasting identities. Nevertheless, there are so many words that are left unsaid in this two-letter-mishap. Words of existing ties. Words of unbroken threads. Words of unsaid but felt sentences. Words of remnants of an 'Us'.

An 'Us' that went beyond the need of perspectives. An 'Us' that lived through the same insane dreams. An 'Us' which is like capturing the stars with your phone- how hard you try, it won't ever be perfect, perhaps because it wasn't supposed to be.

Like 'Us'.

Like the smile on that baby's face, we were unhindered, undefiable. Like the storm raging in the wake of the monsoon, we were wild and unstoppable. Like the feel of the school corridors, we were classic and... just... us...

Some say our broken relationship is just a fossil of the past that's meant to be buried under the depths of memories. That WE, are just remnants of a forgotten erstwhile. Are we, though?

Can't we be the fragrance of the winter lotions that linger in the winter morning's mist every year? Can't we be the musky smell of the old library books, which can't be replaced by the freshness of the new copies? Can't we be the leaves of the fall; dried yet beautiful in our own way? Can't we be what they never wanted us to be, an 'Us'?

Maybe we can't. Because that two-letter word weighs tons - it weighs of love, freedom, happiness, promises, dreams, and fantasies. And maybe we aren't grown up enough to shoulder that weight. And that's what I will convince myself of until the lie turns into the truth. It will, someday. Until then, let's remain the wildest fantasy we will ever dream of - US.

Written by: Shaona Kundu

Illustration: Aninda K. Nanda

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