That's my India.

A third-world nation. When one first says the name India, this is the most obvious thing that comes to mind. It is solely because of the people residing here. But, hey you dare not take them lightly. Each and every Indian can undertake any profession according to needs.

Like, they are economists all year long.

Each and every day, news articles arrive about the country’s economy, how it is performing. In the case of India, how it is going to hell. Then starts the great debate. Not on national TV. But on the streets. Here, economists reside on the streets, and policy amendments are suggested at tea stalls. Newspaper columns are the only mode of research and source of data. Not graphical or statistical data, but the columns oversimplified by some random reporter.

A usual morning conversation goes like:

“These economists should quit their jobs”

“Yes. What are they doing? The value of money is going down only?”

“Everything is about the reservation.”

“Those bloody caste people getting central Govt. jobs through quota. What do they know? Nothing! Have absolutely no knowledge!”

Just then, a sane minded person will speak up.

“If you think everything is so wrong, why don’t you guys suggest something?”

No screw it. The person is not sane minded. Who’s asks to suggest economic and policy affairs at a tea stall? Anyways,

-“China is our enemy. They should ban all Chinese products. See how the economy rises overnight!” -

“Really? You guys think that’s going to help?”

-“Yeah. So many years of experience. I know everything.”

“But how? Do you guys have any immediate Indian replacement? People will be deprived of a certain product or service due to this move. Consumption will fall. So, aggregate demand and expenditure will fall. The flow of money in the economy will slow down. Due to a lack of immediate replacement and ban of the already available products and services, black marketing will arise, giving rise to a parallel economy. The government will have no trace of it. So, instead of going into the government’s’ treasury in form of taxes, the additional money, that a person is paying to avail these products and services from the black market will be indirectly turning into black money and affecting the economy in a negative way. Till date, the government has no trace of any black money that has been flown out of the country. In most cases, transferred to Swiss banks due to their strong privacy laws.

And, chacha staying alive on earth doesn’t count as ‘experience’.”

So, looks like our tea shop chacha is not that smart huh!!!

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“The PM has taken it. It must be the best decision for us. We will earn revenue from that statue. It will boost the economy.”

The PM is simply fooling you. FYI the statue was also built using Chinese products and in collaboration with a Chinese construction company along with a European one. So, it is pretty clear our chai wale chacha has no solid facts.

“A statue which costs Rs. 3800 crores. Now, its tickets have been priced at 90, 150, 230, 380. Let us assume that only Rs. 380 tickets are sold every day (which is clearly not the case, but we want to simplify the calculation and do it in a way, our PM did). The average footfall is 15000 tourists per day. SO, monthly it is 450000. Now, 380 * 450000=171,000,000. Now, dividing by 380000000000/171000000=2,2222. Two thousand Two hundred and Twenty-Two years is the time just to get back the primary investment. That too, if only the tickets of the highest price are sold every day.”

“And even after this, if the Forex and Cash reserves at the RBI decreases, Fiscal deficit takes place, inflation is out of control, whom to blame? ‘Oh, these terms are generally found in the economics book. So, let’s blame the economists’ Then, again the elections will come. We already know the result. Because , aabki Baar,………… Sarkar. Oh sorry, fir ekbaar,…….. Sarkar.” Chacha has taken the backseat now. He has been listening for too long. Now, it is his time to speak.

“No. Tell me. Do you think he is doing everything wrong? What about the past 70 years? According to you, they were all great people, right? You have just studied a bit, and now you know more than a man who has become the PM? Now we stop paying respect to the great people of our country eh?”

- “Uncle three things.


Yes, there were many problems and issues with the past government. THAT’S WHY WE REPLACED IT WITH THE CURRENT ONE. The only difference is, previously I could not see, where all our tax money was going. Now we can see it. I mean this shit is quite huge. SO, yeah, we can clearly see how it is being wasted, which is even more painful.


I HAVE studied a bit. But neither the PM, nor you have. That’s the problem. You guys form the majority and bring this Bastard time and again into power. I know you can relate to him. After all, he should be one sitting here, making and serving chai.


Do you want to pay respect to the greats? Do you even know whose statue is that? And why is he significant?”

“But, what about Hindus, eh? They are in danger. Do we have anywhere else to go? He is the PM who cares for us. After so many years, finally, the Ram mandir is here.”

- “Ok! Chacha. He is the PM. He should not be biased towards any particular religion. And how exactly are Hindus in danger? Have you seen the total Hindu population? You, in specific have no other place to go. Agreed! Because you are useless. Have you seen the present scenario of America? Hindus form the second-highest majority there. And building ram mandir at a point of time when the country is facing the highest tide of the corona wave and millions have lost their jobs? Ram ji will be very happy indeed! Using the tax money to build temples, instead of increasing government expenditure on goods & services or cutting tax rates, which will in turn increase consumption and aggregate demand and ultimately get the production process started and will lead to job creation, is such a great decision! Wah ……. ji Wah!!!“ *Chacha cursing in contemporary language. *

The guy takes off. Goes back to work. Chacha digs into his newspaper. Bhaiya makes another pot of chai. The headline appears,

India tops in corona poll.

60 lakhs+ affected. 1 lakh+ dead.

More than 12 crore jobs lost.

Ram mandir bhumi pujan to take place on………...

The Make Again A Great India Campaign.

A PicturePenner Original Series.

Developed by the Socio Political team, PicturePenner.

Series Edited by Krantik Das.

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