It was one of those Europe trips. Basking the warmth of London with butterflies in the stomach, I was perhaps the only one deprived of extreme excitement. Well, to justify that, I was in the dream destination of 100s and 1000s indeed, yet not in mine. Mine still happens to be Paris. Packing up that night, we got a call informing that due to some weather issues we won't be able to make up till Brussels the next day. Instead, we are taking a halt at...... You can guess the rest. The next morning was by far one of those few days when I believed in magic, miracles, angles and the rest for you to fill. Paris it was after all! Hence, my tempt compelling me to skip the washroom, dressing up and breakfast part, there we were... boarding the bus. The remember mom telling me about the different angles of photography while clicking the Arc de Triomphe. However, this little writer was more concerned about the breeze, the cars, the birds, the pleasance, and everything possible to absorb the vibe of being in the 'City of Love. Closing my dreamy eyes and leaning back on the seats, I was about to descend when the World stopped with a jerk. Mics on. "We have reached THE LOUVRE. 15 minutes to empty the bus." A pinch would have failed the moment I saw the Grand Glass Pyramid of Louvre. The pen is mightier than the sword but enough to describe it's beauty and my obsession since I read about it in my books. It was a big glass structure bonded with metal strips. The gate leads to the basement museum. Sooner than ever we had the stamps in our hands for the Louvre museum.

Image Source: Google Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder and God being the Creator. The ceilings proved that "Art is Aplomb". The crowns, the paintings, the thrones weren't that bewildering compared to the fact that everything golden seen is indeed 'pure gold'. Excited being a mere word we reached in front of the great and grandeur, the Mona Lisa. Covered with a total of 3 layers of glass, it is hence impossible to be clicked. Different was the feeling of experiencing some of your to-do-list. After spending around 4 hours at the museum we finally headed towards a Seven Wonders of the World. (Fact: It takes more than even 300 days to see all the paintings, artifacts, and artworks in the Louvre museum.)

Image Source: Google Around 4:30 the rough and hazy view got a little clear but the nerves pacified the moment I was standing in front of it. Built years and years ago, a metal structure that takes about 100 men for renovation, there it was... The Eiffel Tower. I guess I will never be allowed to write again if I get into its beauty analysis. The Eiffel has got 3 floors which are to be travelled by a huge lift managing up to 30-35 people (Approximately). The second floor stole my heart. I believe all of us have been to sunrise points and seen a top view of different cities. But how often to you get to see Paris from The Eiffel Tower. Being a little nostalgic, I remember my young self, often being bullied for my height. People found that name 'Eiffel' apt enough to mock. Well, that day changed the perspective, the embarrassment, the pain. It's hence an honour that people recognised the soul's beauty and compared it with The....

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