Online Exam: A blessing or a curse


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The year 2020, and with it came a lot of new terminologies for us that have quite certainly left a very impactful scar in our lives. To be very honest, the first thing that comes to us, teenagers out there after spending almost an entire year on house arrest is the fact that WE DIDN'T HAVE TO STUDY TOO HARD for that matter! I know somewhere or the other, in your subconscious minds while reading this a certain group of you must be thinking the same, about how you got exempted from burying your heads underneath a pile of books. The mention-worthy are the ones who had to work their asses off very hard no matter whether the world was going to get doomed or not. These people actually got several assignments to complete, regular online classes from roughly 10 am to 4 pm sharp, and of course weekly online tests too. Yeah, I know all of us had to go through that "online class" phase, but I

think some institutions just overdid it. Nevertheless coming back to what I intend to pen down is the quandary that I've been facing while brooding about online examinations. It is not like online exams are very new to us, of course, we are used to knowing about the various competitive exams held in an online mode. But those are certainly different from the examinations with which we are so used as teenagers, that is, the offline examination with pen and paper in hand.

Oh, how I remember the days when we had exams held in your school. The extremely terrified us, before our exams, without having naught preparations, we use to leave everything for the eleventh hour, to begin with. Then when we used to open our books merely a week before the examinations, we often ran into such dismay that we used to end up having conference calls and teaching one another several portions of certain chapters. I feel the team effort and collaboration that we showed during exams is kind of getting faded these days. Talking about team effort I must say this: during the exams back then, students all decked up in the hall room with a minimum of four teachers guarding us, what talents could be seen! Some students writing so much; taking extra sheets after every 5mins, some thinking about what on earth are they writing so much about and hence self-doubting ourselves, some could be seen to have already completed their papers and sitting idle; maybe they used to count the number of fans or lights present at the hall, and then there was this bunch of so-called back-bencher's with the most innovative ideas in their minds in order to pass the exams. Ah! this is making me nostalgic.

What I resent at present is that various institutions and universities shifting to online examination methods has left us with a wide opportunity to CHEAT in a wrong manner! Yes, it is cheating without acquiring knowledge that is getting promoted through this. I mean we know ourselves right! No matter what happens we students always have that "jugad"( arrangements) ready. In the case of offline examinations, at least students used to study something but now for the online mode, absolutely nobody studies.

The education system in India is not that advanced yet, question pattern is not that up-to-date in order to suffice the online examination mode and assess the students accordingly, in a fair manner. This is the reason which professors out there are so worried about. In our nation, we need to acknowledge the fact that the government institutions are way behind in adapting to the western methods of schooling all of a sudden. It certainly is a slow process.

In looking at the brighter side to the benefits of the online examination system, we can say that this is a transition period. Change in the system for a greater good is yet to come. Teenagers like us, who happen to be having their essential examinations during this transition period are going to suffer the most! If we individually put efforts for our own good then that is a different scenario, else due to all this mostly the average teenage population of the nation are day by day getting more unskilled, unfocused and overall nothing but a burden to the society who shall be facing huge difficulties in getting jobs in the future. But again some of you might think that what else could have been done during the crisis caused by the pandemic and all. Yes maybe nothing better could have been done and also something better could have been done by the responsible bodies of the nation. Much evident thus is the fact that online examinations though might open up a detailed knowledge-gathering platform for us students as a blessing, is slightly cursing us on our backs and exposing us to a very arduous future to sustain.

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