Peeking Into Luna's Persona

What is it that we encounter every day, which appears the same yet different every time?

Who illuminates us in order to keep an eye upon us, when decay and darkness descends?

Yes yes I know, most of you all are thinking about that particular celestial being!-"The pale yet ever-glowing Moon; Luna as I say."

I have always been too enraptured in peeking into the interstellar endlessness that is constantly neighbouring us. Among the interstellar existence the stars and the moon behold my special admiration. Speaking about Luna, I find that there is something very pure and soothing hidden behind her imperfect craters. Just like us! This thought sends out a thrill through my spine every time I look up in the sky at the hour of darkness.

An analysis of the moon or the sun, the stars, and other interstellar existence is often witnessed to be done with the help of either science or subtly through personification in literature. The moon has fascinated humanity for millennia, exerting a powerful pull on our imagination- sometimes romantic or else realistic, just as it tugs on the oceans to create the tides.

There is something haunting in the light of Luna. She possesses all the dispassionate of a disembodied soul and something of its inconceivable mystery.

Luna is a loyal companion. She is always there, watching, steadfast, guiding us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Sometimes wan and weak, sometimes strong and full of light. She understands what it means to be human. Uncertain, alone, cratered by imperfections.

In mythology, Luna-referred to as Goddess is depicted as an embodiment of dawn or twilight. Twilight itself is a mystery, for I feel that the time of dawn opens up endless possibilities in front of an individual to brood over things, to analyse and introspect oneself. Luna is a keeper. She accumulates and quietly grasps numerous secrets that she observes around herself.

Luna completes our existance. Without her presence, not only the surviving balance shall get ripped apart but also the hope onto which millions of folk lingers during nightfall,

sharing their tiny bits of madness as well as peaceful happiness shall demolish entirely. Hope is the only constant we say. In the absence of hope in life, nobody excels. Naturally, without Luna and her blissful aura, surviving the darkness would have become difficult, when darkness descends upon us in order to tear us apart along life's lengthy journey

Here is mersmerising "Lunatic" tale, through my pen in the form of a poetry. I hope this shall be enjoyed by the audience.

P.S: This blog is for the sake of appreciating the interstellar nature neighbouring us that helps in providing the truth behind our existence in this Multiverse! As Hawking had said, "just remember to look up at the sky" and keep fuelling the quench for knowing the unknown.

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