Updated: Nov 28, 2020

“Once a boy and his father went to mela .

Stud londa:- Papa, mujhe yeh chocolate chahiye.

Papa:- Ghar chalo, ghar mey hai , fridge sey nikal key de dunga

Stud londa:- Papa, yeh to Modi ji ka kam hai , why are you pretending to be Modi ji?, Is that it the prerequisite virtue to become a PM “

- One anonymous stud kid

Friedrich Schleiermacher in the late 18th century defined religion as das schlechthinnige Abhängigkeitsgefühl, commonly translated as "the feeling of absolute dependence"

Being a human being, it is pretty difficult to categorize people by different religious beliefs because agar stethoscope pakre to Muslimo ka heart set," Al habibi , bin bataye tin talak kabhivi " and hinduo ka “Modi ji ne achha kia” yeh bolna jaroori nahi hai . Well, you may follow Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or Atheism or you may possess Humanity but this absolute dependency between each other made it possible to collectively hate the current govt. and godi media. Distinguished by religion, united by collectively hating Modi & godi media.

Cut to 9 p.m. news I encountered one new religion and I've coined this religion Modism. Let’s call it PUBLUC TV, (why? Keeping the real name is no cool), I know it’s not good to vilify someone, whom I share the same name with. As we can consider Yogi ji as a Hindu extremist and Akbaruddin Owaisi as a Muslim extremist, similarly we can consider him as Modu extremist.

Eight Rajya Sabha MPs were suspended on Monday (September 21) for unruly behaviour in the House the previous day (September 20). In the Royale Debate of PUBLIC TV, he said,” You got to have some element of civilized behaviour. This madness, you know, you want to behave like petty thugs hoodlums. There is no semblance of civility.”. First of all, who is saying, I think after diligence request of drugs, ganja etc. on live TV, finally that got shipped to his house.

This eight MPs accused that they had torn off the rule book and devoured the mics of Elder’s House, they demolished the democracy. In our country it is not that easy to disintegrate the backbone of democracy, it requires the vague promise of at least 2 crore jobs, no less than 15 lacs of imaginary currency, aheshi nahi hota boss, bohot magajmari ka kaam hai!! That is why they penalised those 8 MPs.

Now they are gonna say, we follow the agenda of Congress. Angry Uncle, if two people bought condoms from a medical store then it’s not necessary that they are going to have sex with each other, un logo ka agenda same ho sak ta hai magar motive nahi.

“Are hum to Phakeer admi hain , jhola leke chal padenge ji”


“Are hum bhi aamir admi they jhola lekar nikal pade”

- Nirav Modi

[ “Jhole mey jhol tha , Chokidar chor tha”


“Gangadhar hi shaktimaan hai ”……………………

-Anonymous madah****** janta ]

Mob affiliated to BJP have killed Mohammad Akhlaq and severely injured his son on 29th Sept, 2015 amid rumours spread in WhatsApp that they traded or killed cows for beef. Swatch bharat abhijaan chal raha tha, to gaari ane pe kachra nikalna tha bohot a66a tha, magar yeh muslim nikalne ko kon bola ? manga kisine? Who asked for it?

If they decide what is gonna get inside our mouth, the day isn’t so far when they will decide what is gonna come out from our mouth, “ jai shree ram “ or “ Allah ho akbar” or “Wah! Modi ji Wah!”. Abhi vi bologe Hindu khatre mey hai , Hindu o ka Muslimikaran kia ja raha hai, I think sadharan janta ka hutiyakaran ho raha hai. I really don’t know whether hindus are in danger or not but voting years are coming Pakistan jaroor khatre mey hai.

New Education Policy was launched on Wednesday, July 29, 2020. Earlier, in the afternoon the Union cabinet approved the policy that aims to overhaul the country’s education system. Many debates happened regarding this topic, many people said it’s good for Indian students . People against this reformation signed hundreds of petition, polls all that. Some said it is plagiarized from the foreign education system. Look if something is good then we should take inspiration from that, there is no shame in it. If you see, dog shots plagiarized from dogs, now where is your petition, dog shots are amazing. But the problem is, according to Modi ji the spelling of “STRENGTH” is “STREANH”, where R stands for a relationship, abh agar iss ‘amitshah’ English mey bibi ko chorna para fir ‘Shashi Tharoor’ English sikh gaya to kya iss sajjan kya karega? though Shashi ji……..

Talking about unique ideas, after different jumlas like demonetisation, jobs, Rafale secret deal, 5 trillion economy dream, Modi ji comes with a unique, obscure, random idea, it’s called 3 in 1 combo wind turbine water & oxygen sucking machine, abh iss Einstein ko dudh mey pani milana thik sey nahi ata, chale hain, air sey water suck karne.

Disassociate religion and politics, see them independently. It is not that imperative to amalgamate dichotomous things though it’s a habit of motabhais cuz laddu mey thuk ka tarka lagakey prasad ke swarup batna, aur wo bhi corona key time pey, awesome, Isn’t it?

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