The Great Indian Media

Media. Often called the fourth pillar of democracy. My country, the largest hypo… oops, I mean democracy of the world certainly justifies the point. If one hasn’t seen the power of media, one should visit Indian ones. While leaving, the person will definitely say, “why do we even need the other three pillars?”

Name one country where a crime takes place at 3 'o' clock, the media reaches even before the police does, by 3.30, reporters and anchors have more information than the police themselves, by 5, they have already made a probable suspect list and by the end of the day, the guilty has been declared.

You see, that's pretty amazing. Now from next day onwards, they have only one job. Gather a bunch of jobless people from around the country and make them, fight.

"Why is the police silent tonighT? The NATION WANTS TO KNOW!"

No it does't. Shut the fuck up.

Primetimes around the world are very common. They are watched by billions of people. They are inquisitive. They often cover a lot of shit, sometimes, news.

But none of them ever assumes that the nation wants to know why a particular actor sent a particular WhatsApp message to someone. Okay, maybe some do want to know about that. But not the majority when a country is going through the major hit of the corona wave. But, hey, that’s Indian media. The irony is, the person I am talking about (unfortunately I cannot take his name. He will get this website banned. But why do I need to? The nation already knows) is the most popular journalist in India. If one randomly googles, Indian journalists, his picture will pop upright in the first place.

This is not something to be sarcastic about. The results that will follow him are also something to be sarcastic about. One of them gets WhatsApp chats of random people from god knows where and flashes them publicly on primetime. The other just repeats what she says. He is actually her co-host.

These are examples of a few top journalists in India. The current situation of our country is very weird. People are getting news from memes and the media is providing meme materials. And, the irony is, memes actually provide more news than the media. So, it’s basically a paradox here.

What is the idea of a democracy? The government is answerable to the public, media conferences and PM interviews are to be held, where, the PM in power is to be questioned about his actions and his plannings. But, again not in India. India is the exception which proves the rule. Here, interviewers go to interview the PM, they just sit there for an hour and oil grumpy man. Because, they also know that the current PM loves to talk, but he doesn't like to listen. He never listens.

Now, is the media only avoiding sad news? What about the good ones? Now, we all know global tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Tesla have been investing in India and setting up factories here. Now that is a good news, right? There are many other instances. But, no. Our dear Mr. Goswami sitting there, ordering drugs on camera. Holy shit! Now I get it. That's how he asks for supplies. Smort Mr. Goswami.

After seeing Indian media, even the coronavirus is getting a super inferiority complex. It is going like ‘dude, I just swiped away more than 2 million people in the world, a 153K in your own country. I am making suffer 10.7M people in your country. What else do I need to do to get your attention?’

Maybe this can.


You read it , right? What thought comes to your mind at first? If you know, definitely we can be tunnel buddies ………..

Now, What do you think, what should be the definition of Journalism nowadays,

“The activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or preparing news to be broadcast.”

But what exactly it is nowadays,

“The activity or profession which is projecting shrewd, manipulating point of view on mass population by making news or nuisance (Either of that) to spread propaganda, eventually in order to gather TRP.”

TMC’s Mahua Moitra has shown the 7 signs of fascism on her maiden speech in the Parliament. Mahua Moitra attacked the Narendra Modi-led government on a host of issues and declared that "all the signs of early fascism" were visible in the country. Mahua Moitra said that she "humbly accepted the mandate" in favour of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), while adding that "dissent is all the more important" today. In this news , the editor of ZEE News said That she plagiarised the web editor of Washington Monthly Martin Longman. Martin Longman replied through twitter that,

Still can’t understand what B&D stands for, see this picture,

He is Congress spokes person Rajiv Tyagi (in the left) and the person in the right is the point where those words b(Bharwa) & d(dalal) are intertwained. Tyagi ji ag koi dosh nahi hai, abh agar gaale mey chai waale ka sperm ghusedega roj, to sakal dalal ke jaisa bannahi hai. As rumers spread faster than the truth and jokes spread faster than the light, now Amish Devgan known as b&d and turned into a ghanta, jo koi bhi bajake chala jata hai.

As I said earlier making news on real issues requires money, manpower, time and especially guts which is almost impossible to gather at once. So news channels like TEJ Tv shows the real issues, like How angry Kim Jong Un is? Or how badly his wife insulted him? Wicked news isn’t it? In BJP’s voice me saying,” You are a anti-nationalist , go back to North Korea.”

Talking about dictators, there are some incredible news about how to become modi ji? 10000rs mashroom.

Another prime time journalist just have done no jail November and probably every month challenge again in the allegation of treason and one got a new movie but Myntra app logo got banned……. didn't understand right? That's how our democracy works.

As the bard says “Yeh Bharat desh Hai mera”. This is my India.

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