What Happened To Mili?

The steam from the hot cup of coffee rose and vanished into the air while blood from Mili’s

slit wrist dripped at a constant pace. The white marble floor was covered with her blood.

Mili was a 20-year-old, single child to her parents rooted in Mumbai. She was fair, tall and a

very well mannered girl. St. Stephen’s school in Borivali was mad about her blue eyes and

brown hair, which is undoubtedly the deadliest and the rarest combination for a girl to be

tagged as the most beautiful for that generation. She grew up amidst the attention of both her

house and school. Not to mention, she had a long list of people who were jealous of her. But

being a girl of a totally different mindset, she ignored them. She was very young when she

became aware of her body and the changes it had to undergo. After finishing school, she

came to Lucknow for her college. Knowing and being self-conscious about her beauty she

chose not to stay in a hostel but in a house.

The house was two-storied, the ground floor was occupied by an elderly couple in their mid-sixties, and the first floor by Mili. The house was in front of a restaurant, which overlooked a

park. The ambience was joyous around there. She wanted to study oceanography, so she took up the course in LUCKNOW CHRISTIAN DEGREE COLLEGE.

Her life was going way too well. She had no worries, fears or regret of any kind. But fate is

more confusing than it really seems. Fate up against your will may come all of a sudden, uninvited. And then it makes itself comfortable in your life and stays through the thick and

thin showing its true colour and eventually you will have no choice but to succumb to it and drift away.

Mili kept herself aside from every known possible think that might drift her away from her

goal. What she did not know was that by staying away from all those. will give her death no

definite reason other than self-killing or suicide.

She had no visitors. She had no friends. She spoke with her family only for a very short

time, maybe once a day or once every three days. Once she called her mother after a long

stretch of 6 days and the reason was, pressure from college, at least that's what she said.

So now the main question is how did she die. Did she kill herself? Or was it a preplanned good old fashioned murder? But if at all it is a murder, who did it?

On the first floor of the house lay her immobile body, with closed eyes, her hair was tightly tied into a bun. In the puddle of blood lay a knife, a clean knife with no bloodstains.

The doorbell rang.

A few moments later there was screaming and Mili’s friends ran away leaving her like

that, afraid of what might happen if they came near, or if at all they did, then what to do next.

Will, there be a police enquiry if they reported?....and all those thoughts scared them.

Being confused and shaken to the core, they decided to run away, all three of them.

After a while, she opened her eyes and picked up the coffee and took a sip.

“Yuck! Cold coffee sure doesn't taste like this.”

She got up and taking her tongue out and biting it with her jaws said,

“a notable loophole in an otherwise perfect plan.”

While heating the coffee she thought and smiled, “There go three more fake

acquaintances.” She took a deep breath and cleaned the food colour off her hand.

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