So recently I saw a new trailer on YouTube. All of you are probably wondering which one was it and why is it so important that you have to write a blog on it. Probably because our favourite childhood rivalry is coming back on the big screen. Warner Brothers have released the trailer of the upcoming Tom and Jerry movie which is all set to release in 2021.

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It is hard to imagine our childhood without a grey cat chasing after a brown mouse, and wrecking all sorts of havoc everywhere. The show which started in 1940 and won 7 Oscars has added most of the colours in our otherwise black and white life. But looking back, I realise Tom and Jerry are so much more than just the story of funny fights between a cat and a mouse.

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From using mice traps to shotguns, to even his brute strength, Tom has left no stones unturned when it came to catching Jerry. Still, the seemingly powerful cat has always come up short against him. That mouse, although small in size has been able to make a fool out of Tom solely by his intelligence, craftiness, and his will to survive (his love for cheese is also worth mentioning). Jerry stands as a reminder that the small can overcome the big. A proven fact we often tend to forget.

As, a kid, I always sided with Jerry. Little did I know back then Jerry inside me made its presence felt in tiffin breaks for years to come. Here the cheese being someone's delicious tiffin. No one's noodles or burger or luchi was safe in my presence. But it came with a small trade-off as well. When it was me with a delicious tiffin and my friends decided to go Jerry on me, I couldn't chase them off as Tom did. But I recently resigned from my position as Jerry, after a certain Tom went mad at me after I ate a luchi from him.

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Even though he was unsuccessful multiple times, Tom doesn't give up. His feet were lit on fire; he got blown up, even was beaten up numerous times; still, he perseveres in his efforts to catch Jerry. The chase ends today, only to begin tomorrow. Tom's determination, although sarcastic and humorous at some point, is often inspirational.

Every section in every school has had Tom or well Toms. I am not talking about the ones whose tiffin got raided. The notorious Toms of every school is the teacher's favourite school monitors. Those menacing cats are always waiting to get us in a rat trap only to serve us up to teachers. ( Here the rat traps being the chalks and blackboards). Their determination to complain against their peers, although slightly with Tom's efforts to catch Jerry, is not humorous.

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Last but not the least, despite all the crazy fights, the unending chase, in times of need Tom and Jerry's enmity is trumped over by the love and respect that they have for each other. In the worst of times, they were there for each other and often joined forces to fix problems (you guys do remember the time when Tom and Jerry set out together to find a lost kid). The twisted friendship between Tom and Jerry draws a brilliant analogy with the relationships we share with our siblings and friends.

When you have a sibling, every day is an episode of Tom and Jerry, although the roles are not fixed. I would know that best because I have a brother who's 10 years older than me. That person had missed no opportunity to report about all my mischief to dad or to scold me myself. I being his younger brother followed in his footsteps and reported all his wrongdoings to mom. But after he went to Noida to join his new job, I really started missing him. Despite the fact that I had a lot more freedom than I used to. The days just started feeling a lot duller, after all, what would Tom and jerry do without each other.

At this point, I would appreciate all the thoughts, no matter how small, that went behind creating these two characters and the dynamics between them.

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In the movie trailer, however, we see that after years of chasing each other, Tom and Jerry bid each other adios as they set out to start their new life in New York. Like us, they also grew up too fast and are now prepping to take the responsibilities of life. At this point, I asked myself, "what about their much-loved fights?". But fate had a way to reunite them and reignite their rivalry. Jerry ends up residing in a five-star mouse hole of a five-star hotel. However, that same hotel is about to host one of the biggest weddings of the century. And so the event planner, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, tasked with solving the "mouse problem" turns to Tom for help. From there on, the story begins once again. Apart from Chloë Grace Moretz, the cast Of Tom and Jerry also includes Michael Peña, Rob Delanya, Ken Jeong, and Colin Jost. Moreover, although not impressed with the idea of a live-action film, I am really looking forward to living some of my childhood memories once again.

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