Who is a Pessimist?

At times in life, we often feel utterly demotivated and as well as intimidated towards our way of living which ultimately leads to unlocking of pessimism into the realms of our existence. According to my frame of mind, I feel that this happens due to a fine amalgamation of the negative energy spread by the people lurking around us along with our self-disapproval of certain aspects of reality. It is the people in our lives, who time and again, behave like mere pessimists blocking our individualistic approach of dealing with the hurdles of life. In order to elucidate more I must cite an example from our very own Indian household. Suppose one day as a teenager specifically, if you wake up late in the morning, say at 10 am (though not quite ethical), generally you shall find the majority of your family members taunting and subduing you of your act of late rising and explaining to you on how it is  all related to affect your studies  and your overall well-being. Ultimately it is quite natural for one to feel agitated with oneself due to the denial of possessing any self-worth in the eyes of one’s own family members. If you brood over the matter, you may find that it is the negativity in your surroundings at most, that make you feel and act along as a pessimist.

Ignorance is worse than being pessimistic. When we find unequivocal facts of negativity associated with our lifestyle, we tend to procrastinate our thoughts of acting consciously. It is only through self introspection, we can comprehend the roots of our agony in being pessimistic. We must repeatedly question ourselves and if not individually, but with the help of our trusted allies, we should discuss our state of mental well-being and not sulk at a corner, thereby cursing our life at par. A fruitful aspect to deal with pessimism in life is to write. Everyone is a writer on their own. Expression of oneself is best attributed through a person’s writings, be it a prose or poetry. The subtle art of conserving and dealing with a problem is to be vocal about it in writing, if one is not comfortable enough to discuss his/her dilemma with anyone. “TO WRITE vulnerably is to open a Pandora’s Box. Who can say what will come flying out?” (Ruth Behar) It has been quite evidently put forward by eminent writers all throughout the ages, that expression of oneself is also a path towards unlocking the barriers of pessimism in life. One must write if possible. Maybe through writing, one can approach towards a solution of their quandary.

Positive thinking out of any sort of mishaps in life gives a new outlook towards dealing with pessimism in one’s life. Man being a social animal and a chronicler of time, always intend to possess the characteristic of seeing him/herself through the eyes of others. Social norms and societal thinking bound us to act according to other’s will, excluding us of our own will. When we delve into these thoughts quite deeply, we often question as to who the real pessimists are? Is it us individually or the people in our surroundings whose opinions are automatically made so important to matter for us throughout the ages, that we are born with this particular outlook to deal with while alive? Think for yourself if this question ever crosses your mind and always try to incorporate your thoughts into some sort of writings or the other for your own happiness, one way or the other. 

Be an optimist prime, not a negatron!

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